"Who am I, then? Tell me that 
first, and then, if I like being that 
person, I'll come up. If not, I'll stay 
down here till I'm somebody else."  
- Lewis Carroll

Mythography Comics will be exhibiting again this year at THE PUERTO RICO COMIC CON!
May 20-22, 2016 at Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Puerto Rico Comic Con The Biggest Entertainment event in the Caribbean... Comics, Toys, and more. Local and international exhibitors and artists. Video games, Tournaments, Cosplay, Conferences, Movie previews, special guests and more surprises.

Mythography Comics will be exhibiting at The Puerto Rico Comic Con in The Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan PR May 22-24, 2015

Come on by and meet El Vejigante-Luchador at Artist Alley Booth A141!

  A Graphic Novel 

released as a Series of Comic  Books

A Comix Character Combo of Caribbean Folk Tales and American Pop Art Blending Sci-Fi, Horror and SuperHero Action and Adventure with the Mystery and History of the Folklore and Mythology of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.


TM ©2013 Miguelangel Ruiz 

Awutok-Thon, El Vejigante-Luchador is a comic-book character I created based on a folk character known as a Vejigante that only appears during Carnaval season in Puerto Rico and throughout the caribbean. The character is a sci-fi update and first appeared in two Mock Music Videos that premiered in the Art show "Neo Neo Dada" at Rush Arts Gallery and Resource Center, New York in 2006. Please visit Mythography Comics video page at to see those videos. 

There are a total of six issues of Mythography Comics out right now. The first four issues are part of the original story arc I call "The Transfiguration of Awutok-Thon, El Vejigante-Luchador". There are also two stand alone issues, "Comic Con One Shot #1: Awutok-Thon versus Chupacabras" and "Comic Con One Shot #2: SYNOPSIS (Pinups and Character sketches)" 

All six issues of Mythography Comics are published and for sale online at Or you can travel to El Barrio in New York City and buy my comics at La Casa Azul Bookstore, located at 143 E. 103rd Street New York, NY 10029 Phone: (212) 426 - 2626 Store hours:  Wed- Sat 12:00pm  - 8:00pm Sun 12:00pm  - 6:00pm or visit The Julia DeBurgos Gift Shop at Taller Puertorriqueño 2721 N. 5th St. Philadelphia PA. Phone: (215)426-3311 Store hours: Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30, Saturdays 10-6. Closed Sundays.

COMIC CON ONE SHOT #2: SYNOPSIS (Pinups and Character Sketches)

A collection of prints of the main characters in the Mythography Comics story with a summary of the plot so far. Included  are a couple of cool photos of Awutok-Thon, the cosplay version, by photographers Joel Gordon and Manny Patino.

Story and Art by Miguelangel Ruiz ©2014 All Rights Reserved

On Sale now at, at Taller Puertorriqueño in Philly PA and at La Casa Azul bookstore in NYC! 

COMIC CON ONE SHOT #1: Awutok-Thon Versus Chupacabras

While on holiday in Puerto Rico with the Rodrigo sisters, Plastica and Diabla, Awutok-Thon finds himself on the hunt for the legendary Chupacabras!

Story and Art by Miguelangel Ruiz ©2013 All Rights Reserved

On Sale now at, at Taller Puertorriqueño in Philly PA and at La Casa Azul bookstore in NYC!  

 Preview of Cover art for the next issues of Mythography Comics: Number 5 and 6 of The Transfiguration of Awutok-Thon, El Vejigante-Luchador: